Tuition Information - Yearly Tuition & Mid Year Tuition

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Yearly and Half Yearly Tuition Information 

Tuition Rates for all NYO Program Level Memberships

Full Season Membership for Continuing Members $750.00

Full Season Membership for New Members $500.00

Mid-Season Membership for New Members $250 (Special Offer)

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Base Tuition Rates for 2017-2018 Season

2017-2018 Tuition for all NYO ensembles: San Diego  Premier Symphony, Elite Symphony, Junior Elite Symphony, Orchestra 1,  San Diego Select Wind Ensemble, Elite Wind Ensemble, Concert Band.

Single Member Tuition Rate $750/Full year 
Family Member Tuition Rate* $700/Full year  
Mid - Season Tuition $400/Half year (No family discounts for half year tuition)

Late Tuition Rate $850/Full Year  
(Continuing members after June 17th)

*Discounts are available for families with two or  more students enrolled in NYO ensembles at a discount of $50 per sibling  for full season.

General Payment Policies

Continuing Member Tuition Payment Policies

There is an audition/registration fee of $50 for  continuing members who pay after the April 30, 2017. Additionally this  year, tuition will be due before June 17, 2017 for the 2017-2018 season.  After the June 17th tuition payment deadline, the "Late Tuition Rate"  will be $850 for continuing members. No family discounts will be given  after the deadline as well.

New Member Tuition Payment Policies
The new member tuition offer expires August 20, 2017. After a person has  completed their August auditions and has been placed into one of the  NYO ensembles, the payment must be make in full by the end of the day of  August 20, 2017. New members who pay after that date will be charged  the regular tuition rate of $750. 

General Tuition and Membership Policies

San Diego Youth Orchestra - NYO New Youth  Orchestra Program strives to provide a high-quality music education  program at the lowest possible cost to the musicians’ families.
Discounts are available for families with two or more students enrolled in NYO ensembles at a discount of $50 per sibling. 

Tuition payments can be made through the online payment center or by  check or money order and are due on or before June 17, 2017. If a  payment must be made be a check or money order, please make it payable  to “San Diego Youth Orchestra LLC”. Payment is due in full at this time  unless other arrangements have been made in writing in advance and  approved. For cost savings, please read about early registration  discount tuition rates.

For returning members, after the due date (June 17, 2017) late tuition  is $850. Yearly tuition and audition fee must be paid in full before  attending auditions.

Tuition is non-refundable except in extreme circumstances, such as  military orders or medical emergency, and only at the discretion of the  NYO. Tuition is not pro-rated for musicians joining the New Youth  Orchestra Program after the start of the season.

Students are expected to attend all scheduled rehearsals and are limited  to three excused absences per semester. Additional absences may result  in dismissal from the orchestra or place the student’s orchestra status  on probation. Dismissal from the program is at the discretion of the  conductor. There will be no refund granted to any student who is  dismissed from the orchestra for any reason. 

Tuition cost includes: Auditions, registration, All rehearsals and  instruction, music use, and enrollment into any additional NYO ensemble  within the same "Ensemble Group" upon acceptance.

IMPORTANT: Please visit the Member Forms page and Season Calendar page before committing to NYO New Youth Orchestra Program.


Call 617-680-6234, and the office will schedule you for an audition appointment. Auditions are for ensemble placement as well as seating auditions.

Feel free to call or email Mario Ramirez, NYO Communication Director if you have any questions.