Mariachi Festival Fiesta 2018

Mariachi Youth Orchestra, San Diego

We are bringing the San Diego communities together with Mariachi Music.

On Saturday, July 21st, 2018, from 9 am to 3 pm, New Youth Orchestra and Escuela de Musica are holding the first annual Mariachi Festival Fiesta.  Violin, cello, trumpet, guitar, bass players of all ages and levels are invited to participate in this event.

No previous mariachi experience is required, just bring your interest and love of Mexican music and culture.

This event will be held at the San Diego Youth Orchestra Music Center 10855 Sorrento Valley Rd #2-C, San Diego, CA 92121. Event cost $50.00

Event Details

Renowned mariachi professionals and talented students from the San Diego Mexican community will be joining youth musicians from communities surrounding the Sorrento Valley during this amazing event. 

Festival: Throughout the day, participants will get top level mariachi training while playing authentic and energetic Mexican music. 

Fiesta: Friends and family are invited to enjoy a short performance at the end of the day featuring a combined group of students and professionals. This celebration will be accompanied with traditional Mexican food and drink. 

This event was created to celebrate the world’s first and only Mariachi Youth Orchestra. We are inviting youth musicians from all schools and youth orchestras throughout San Diego to join us. 

We are delighted to offer you this rare opportunity to experience first-hand the vibrant, dynamic and stimulating culture of mariachi! Sign up today to reserve your place.

Mariachi Youth Orchestra Program

About Mariachi Youth Orchestra

Mariachi Youth Orchestra is inviting youths from all backgrounds and communities to come together to share a common affection for the Mexican culture and mariachi music. We will provide top training and performing opportunities in traditional Mexican mariachi music. All ensembles and classes will utilize the most authentic music arrangements and provide high level instrumental training for violin, trumpet, guitar, and bass, as well as less traditional mariachi instruments like cello and viola.

Small, medium and large ensembles will be created in order to include as many participants as we can for all ages and levels. These groups will rehearse at the San Diego Youth Orchestra Music Center in Sorrento Valley regularly on weekends in order to prepare for various Mexican themed concert events scheduled throughout the year.

The Mariachi Youth Orchestra events and opportunities will include: Summer Mariachi Fiesta Festival, special themed concert events, collaboration with New Youth Orchestra, cross border Mexican youth orchestra invitations, tours throughout the United States, and a mentorship program.

Please complete the brief online application to be added to the interest list for the Mariachi Youth Orchestra season 2018-2019. Online Application

"Together Through Music" Campaign

Mariachi Youth Orchestra will provide a venue where youths from all backgrounds will learn, perform and communicate, helping to create a place where the young people of San Diego and their families can come "Together Through Music."

Mariachi Youth Orchestra and Escuela de Musica are working together to help find financial assistance for hispanic youths who want to play the music they love, mariachi music, as they share their culture with others. Escuela de Musica is providing important instrumental training in the Chula Vista and National City public, private and charter schools through the "Mariachi School Program." 

The Mariachi Youth Orchestra will be accepting those same students in order to provide advanced ensemble training and exciting performance opportunities. Most importantly, they will be collaborating with other Mariachi Youth Orchestra members who live in cities surrounding Sorrento Valley including La Jolla, Carmel Valley, and Encinitas.

Hispanic Leadership Making a Difference

San Diego Youth Orchestra LLC and New Youth Orchestra, directed by Mario Ramirez and John Ramirez, and Escuela de Musica, directed by Alfredo Aranda, are Hispanic run organizations that are proud to take a leadership role in this grass roots effort. Our goal is to promote both access to quality music education for the hispanic community and to find opportunities for greater communication and understanding between all San Diego communities through music.

On May 5th 2018, Mariachi Youth Orchestra was created. Mariachi Youth Orchestra is owned and operated by San Diego Youth Orchestra LLC .  "Mariachi Youth Orchestra" title and logo are property of San Diego Youth Orchestra LLC.