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Mariachi Festival Fiesta - Saturday July 21st, 2018

We are bringing the San Diego communities together with Mariachi Music.

On Saturday, July 21st, 2018, from 9 am to 3 pm, New Youth Orchestra and Escuela de Musica are holding the first annual Mariachi Festival Fiesta.  Violin, cello, trumpet, guitar, bass players of all ages and levels are invited to participate in this event.

No previous mariachi experience is required, just bring your interest and love of Mexican music and culture.

This event will be held at the San Diego Youth Orchestra Music Center 10855 Sorrento Valley Rd #2-C, San Diego, CA 92121.  Event cost $50.00

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Video - Concert Highlights for NYO Ensembles

Watch the NYO concert highlights. The NYO program ensemble line up include San Diego Premier Symphony (00:00 - 01:45), San Diego Select Winds (1:46 - 3:46), Elite Symphony (03:47 - 05:04), Junior  Elite Symphony (05:06 - 06:30), Concert Band (06:31 - 08:12) & Orchestra 1 (08:13 - 09:27).

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Alumni tell their stories about NYO

Jason Hurlbut - Violin

Graduated from Waldorf School of San Diego High School - Attending Eastman School of Music & University of Rochester (Howard Hanson Scholarship) 

"At NYO I was really lucky to be surrounded with highly qualified faculty who were always there for me and pushed me to become the best musician and leader I could be. 

NYO has helped me understand what it means to play with a high standard of quality, and given me the tools to reach that standard. It has also made me have a much deeper understanding of chamber music and taught me how to rehearse effectively so as to get the most out of every coaching session. 

The artistic staff are not only some of the best musicians in San Diego, but also just great people. I enjoy working with all of them and wouldn't hesitate to call them my friends. Aside from the high quality coachings in chamber, orchestra, and sectionals, I have also found that I have learned a lot just through talking with the faculty. I have gotten a lot of interesting and valuable information about what the music world is like and what being a professional musician really entails."

Hyunjae Lee - Clarinet

Graduated from Del Norte High School - Attending Duke University 


"The conductor, John Ramirez, is a very informative and patient instructor who will efficiently teach how to make the best possible result in musicality of the orchestra. The wind coach, Peter Dayeh, was also very knowledgeable in helping improve upon technique and phrasing of passages. 

I would say to definitely give NYO a try, as the small ensembles truly provide opportunities to be looked at on a more personal and individual basis. The training is specific to each individual, and really nurtures the growth of every participant." 

Sarah Wesson - Viola

Graduated from Canyon Crest Academy - Attending Texas A&M University (honors program) 


"They're amazing!! Unlike other orchestras I've been in, the conductors and coaches are very talented and down- to-earth, so I was able to very easily learn from their careful instruction. 

NYO is absolutely the best orchestra in the area. It's a much more personable experience than with other orchestras (the staff actually know my name!!), and the instruction you get comes from world-class musicians and teachers. Also, the community in NYO is unlike any other. Some of my friends I've met through NYO are my closest friends, and they are some of the only people I plan to keep in touch with after high school! It is simultaneously extremely disciplined and extremely artistic. NYO taught me the value of hard work and passion in a way that you really don't get in a traditional classroom setting."

Kristofer Leslie - Trombone

Graduated from Coronado High School - Attending The Boston Conservatory 


"Throughout my training at NYO, it seemed that every week I was challenged in a new way. The NYO training program has created a nurturing environment where we all wanted each other to succeed. I realized early on that it was not just about me and my playing only, but rather that I had to be good at playing well with others. 


I have grown so much as team-working musician from NYO. There are a lot of things that you can only learn from playing in a good organization, that you can't learn on your own in solo practice. 

Mario and John Ramirez worked very hard to give me as many possible opportunities at NYO. I played in a chamber group with strings, I performed a trombone concerto with the wind ensemble, and much more."

Kiya Klopfenstein - Viola

Graduated from Torrey Pines High School - Attending San Diego State University 


"NYO is a close family of musicians which allow for connections to be made across the orchestra. The training provided is custom to each ensemble, working to improve not only the strongest player--but also the weakest. Performance opportunities allow growing musicians to explore the big stage as well as the smaller more intimate stages, such as with the biannual chamber concerts. Auditions allow for musicians to test themselves and their own comfort zones, as well as learn important excerpts and pieces that will follow them into the professional world. Overall, NYO has provided a positive experience that was not overwhelming and allowed me to grow. 

The repertoire was nothing like anything I had seen before. It was challenging, interesting, and ultimately unknown. Within other ensembles, most pieces were familiar; however, NYO allowed me to expand my horizons and expose me to a wide variety of composers and styles. The exposure to these pieces introduced me to different keys, different shades of similar composers, the historical context behind pieces, and the different colors which each should take on. Additionally, the small size allows a form of comfort in rehearsing and provides a strong support system which is difficult to achieve in other ensembles where many members may remain unknown."

Paul Gaukel - French Horn

Graduated from Canyon Crest Academy - Attending California Maritime Academy 


"In NYO’s relaxed learning environment, I performed at the highest level alongside members who are passionate and friendly people. I developed skills on how to become a much better musician, like following the conductor’s pulse and more. The incredible artistic staff were always helpful and positive, constantly offering assistance and showing different ways to attack specific passages. 


I definitely recommend NYO for those who want a fresh take on the stagnant SDYS."

For full testimonials please visit; NYO alumni testimonials page

Questions & Answers

Helpful Information for New Members


Why should a young music student sign up in an extra curricular orchestra or wind ensemble outside of school?

NYO New Youth Orchestra Program is a destination for young talented musicians who seek to perform with an ensemble that will challenge their musical abilities, while being surrounded by like minded individuals. NYO allows these ambitious students to be placed into an orchestra or band that suits their level of performance as they are given the highest level ensemble training. 

How do I know to either sign up for an orchestra and wind Ensemble? 

Wind ensembles include the flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, tuba, trombone, trumpet, french horn and saxophone. An orchestra consist of string instruments including violin, viola, cello and string bass as well as the wind instruments but excluding the saxophone. All string players will be placed into an orchestra depending on the level of each performer. Wind players will mostly be placed into the wind ensembles, except for the more experienced players who have the refined technical skills to blend into the orchestra ensembles. 

Can a complete beginner enter one of the ensembles? 

We do not provide ensemble training for complete beginners. We require each member to be playing and receiving private instruction for a minimum of one year before we can consider them for an audition in the lower intermediate level orchestra or wind ensemble. 


Is there a need to have previous ensemble experience? 

Ensemble experience is required for most ensembles except for the beginning level Orchestra 1 and Concert Band. 

Does a student member need to be taking private lessons in order be in NYO? 

Yes. The members in our organization are very serious about learning music. As we provide an experience that challenges our members from week to week, lessons are the one thing that will allow everyone to keep up with our pace. 

Are there performance opportunities during the year? 

NYO holds two concert events throughout the season, one in mid-January and one early June. 

Are there auditions? 

Every continuing member and new member is required to have a 10-12 minute audition before the season starts, this provides the information we need to place each individual in the correct ensemble. It is the most important step we have as a teaching organization in order to maintain quality ensembles as well as creating an environment where the level of performance can increase dramatically on a weekly bases.  

How do I know what ensemble to select for auditions? 

Your private music teacher can look at the programs page. As well, the "concert highlight video" can help determine the correct level for the student. 

How much is the yearly tuition and what do I get for it? 

The New Youth Orchestra Organization strives to provide the highest quality music education program for the lowest possible cost to the musicians’ families. The yearly continuing member tuition of $750 includes: Auditions, registration, all rehearsals and instruction, music use, and enrollment into any additional NYO ensemble within the same "Ensemble Group" upon acceptance. $50 family discounts are offered. 

Each season we regularly offer special tuition where new members can save $250.


What days and times are the rehearsals scheduled? 

Weekly rehearsals are held every Saturday starting the first week of September until the last week of May. There are two semesters per yearly season and around 15 rehearsals per semester. We take days off throughout the year including Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Mid Season Break & Spring Break. Please visit 2018-2019 season calendar page

Where are the rehearsals held? 

The San Diego Youth Orchestra Event Venue 10855 Sorrento Valley Rd. #2-C is a convenient drive from all coastal and inland north county communities. To get to the NYO New Youth Orchestra rehearsal facility, use the freeway exit nearest to the 805/5 junction in Sorrento Valley. 

Is it required that members attend every rehearsal, are there set policies?

Consistent attendance is necessary for the development of a quality musical experience. Musicians are granted no more than 3 absences per semester. This includes any absence, such as illness, school or other music activities, family vacation, homework and tests, college visits, religious holidays, etc.. Concert performances are mandatory for all members, failure to participate in the concerts are grounds for dismissal from the NYO program.

What are the other learning or performance opportunities open to NYO members? 

There's a yearly multi- level solo competition open to all ensembles and levels, chamber music program for high intermediate and advanced level performers.

How are NYO student members challenged and kept interested through out the year? 

As each NYO ensemble advances at a rapid pace, our conductors are continually adjusting the upcoming repertoire to match the level of each group. This ensures that every performer will continue to develop technically and musically. Also, each semester members will learn different music, we don't repeat the same old repertoire every year, this keeps everything fresh and interesting for students who may be learning in the same ensemble from one year to another. 

How do I sign up for an audition?

Conveniently, we have an online application. Please complete the form and you will be contacted to schedule a mid- year audition in late January or the new season audition held April to mid-June every year. 


If I have additional questions or concerns not covered in this page, who can I contact? Members and non members are welcomed to call our office 365 days a year from 8 am to 8 pm at (858) 877-3696 or email at marior@thenewyouthorchestra.com. The NYO executive director Mario Ramirez is always glad to talk to those who need assistance. 

Contact Us

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The facilities are only open during Saturday rehearsals from 8:00 pm to 6:50 pm.  But we are open to take calls from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm weekdays and weekends.

Give us a call to schedule a visit us or sign up for an upcoming audition. 


San Diego Youth Orchestra - SDYO

10855 Sorrento Valley Rd. #2-C, San Diego, California, 92121

(617) 680-6234




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